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looks like it’s time for another one of them sketchdumps and peeks into what im coloring for my next few submissions!



Garnet is a babe and no one can convince me otherwise.

Bit of a sketch dump of Garnet in Estelle’s(her voice actress) outfits!

Hell to the yes! Loving the first one from the second image

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17 years of One Piece - the story so far…

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Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis and Greg Proops

—Being Broke.


From Episode 12 - Death, Fascism and the Pursuit of Not Remaking Robocop.

Length - 6:11

Dan, Jeff and Greg Proops tell some stories from when they were broke.

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i hope gamefreak reveals more gen 5 mega evolutions.

and by that i mean i hope they say “remember the pokemon you all hated? here’s your mega ice cream with 5 cones. have a fucking mega garbage bag. dont forget your mega pile of gears. fuck you.”

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This is most complicated titlecard I’ve made! I had fun with this one though! My biggest inspiration was the EOS Patrol minigame in Kirby Mass Attack. Can you find all the references? ; )

that hoenn